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No Pro!

by LithaAurora, 1280 days ago

Congratulations Halcyon on defeating Proteus on the now infamous "last pull" of the night. With one early attempt at 2.75%, Proteus did die after a full night of progression pulls. From the very sloppy to the pristine mechanics of our raiders. A very pretty dagger was awarded to Irisae, Queen of all Mages, and an all protecting shoulder guard went to Khaydence, Mistress of Clerics. Yay for first proteus loots.

| Achievement: No PRO |

Also, Halcyon would like to welcome our newest recruits! 

Mellow - Druid blast from the past!
Irlowe - Cleric Extraordinaire!
Llewea - Rogue Powerhouse!
Seriphoth - Mage Master!


All fun and egregious titles aside. If you are looking to join us, we have a few spots open for 1 good mage, cleric, or rogue! Please apply HERE!


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The Breaker is Broken!

by LithaAurora, 1340 days ago

After struggles up and down, several glorious attempts of pristine performance by all raid members present including a few pick-up friends breaker broke into a million pieces (too many to be seen in the screenshot!) Congratulations to Halcyon for the wonderful kill, however all our sparkling loot went to those pick-up friends! I think this means we need some new guild-mates, so if you are interested in becoming Halcyon - promising, prosperous, golden - then please submit an application!

Excellent work and a job extremely well done! Proteus is the next target before us. He will soon be fresh fillet fish (monster)!

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Dancing with the Demon, Salvarola

by LithaAurora, 1358 days ago

On Saturday evening, Salvarola met his fate on the famous last pull. About 40 minutes after raid time was supposed to end, all 10 Halcyonites continued to struggle against him knowing that his fate was sealed. As the eyes got droopy and the excitement culled, at least one member had early morning work (on a Sunday, who does that?). It was beginning to look like Salvarola would live for another day. On our last call of the evening, the group clicked and everyone lived up until 10% and we knew we had it down. Salvarola was dead and we were dancing with those demons. Afterwords, the group went to sneak a peak at Ultane! Without much research, the group got passed the first add phase, but due to the late night we had to call it quits! Ultane will not be alive much longer!

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Goloch goes down!

by LithaAurora, 1521 days ago

On Wednesday, Halcyon cleared Frozen Tempest and proceeded with a fun filled farm night clearing the first three bosses of Endless Eclipse leaving the remainder of the week open to full progression mode.

Last night, after fun attempts trying to break some eggs in Planebreaker Bastion, the guild moved to finish up progression towards the Endless Eclipse fourth boss Goloch. After a few attempts and on the famous "last pull" the big ugly went down and gave us some loot!

The Fae Yule present went to Valfreya in a random roll. A pretty dagger named as the Key to Death's Door went to Ignatiuss, and sadly a fine leather piece went to that horrible rot-monster. Either way, it was a perfect end for such a wonderful week of accelerating momentum. We will move towards Grim Awakening and possibly another shot at those eggtenders or perhaps the first glimpse of Regulos? We will see as raiding will be limited next week due to the holidays!

Interested in joining HALCYON? Please apply here!

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One-Night Frozen Tempest Clear

by LithaAurora, 1530 days ago

Congratulations, Halcyon!

Last night was the first full clear of Frozen Tempest in one night. While Crucia has been bested for nearly two weeks. The guild made excellent progress in sweeping through the entire zone in one night. To top of the specialty of the achievement, the bosses gave us Fae Yule presents!

Full steam ahead into Endless Eclipse progression. Regulos, you are next! First steps into the second tier of 20-man content coming soon!

Are YOU interested in becoming Halcyon? Apply here or contact an officer in-game! 

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